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Essential oils – Are essential oils safe to use in the mouth?

Essential oils - Are essential oils safe to use in the mouth?

Lately, there’s been lots of on-line dialogue about whether or not or not essential oils are safe to be used in the mouth.

And for good cause.

If the oral microbiome will get imbalanced, the well being of the entire physique may be compromised.

The first concern appears to focus on whether or not or not utilizing essential oils in the mouth can injury the oral microbiome, and a few broad statements which were made may run the danger of deceptive individuals who might truly profit from essential oil-based mostly product options.

And whereas we’ve addressed questions like this in the FAQs “Are essential oils bad for the oral microbiome?” and “Does the HealThy Mouth Blend damage the ‘good bugs’ in my mouth?”, we thought it might aid you if we circled on this particular query once more.


Our stance…

Okay, so right here’s an summary of our stance: we consider that correctly diluted essential oil-based mostly merchandise (like our HealThy Mouth Mix) don’t hurt and truly assist stability the oral microbiome.  And, as you’ll see, we base our stance on scientific literature quite than what’s trending.

In fact, we’re biased.  We offer merchandise that include licensed natural essential oils.  However past our bias lies loads of analysis explaining and validating why we’ve included essential oils in our merchandise.

So, in an try to increase the bar of understanding on this topic, let’s take a deep dive into what the literature actually says relating to the security of essential oils in the mouth, and particularly whether or not essential oil-based mostly oral well being merchandise hurt the ‘good bugs’ in our mouth.

From there, somewhat than undertake our (or another professional’s) opinions as your personal, you’ll be empowered to determine for your self whether or not or not essential oil-based mostly oral well being merchandise are a very good match for your loved ones.


Full transparency

As you understand, we aren’t  dentists or medical professionals.

Nevertheless, we do have a ardour for researching each lately revealed and ‘more seasoned’ dental literature and have been doing so for almost 30 years.  Susan and I’ve a background in the Chinese language longevity arts and we’ve all the time shared a love of each studying and holistic dwelling. When you’d like to take a look at how we started our journey into researching oral well being, be happy to take a look at Susan’s story.

As well as to ‘geeking out’ on analysis, we love sharing info with you.

Medical apply in drugs (and dentistry) tends to be at the very least 10 years behind the analysis.  So, our hope is that by persevering with to dig via the scientific literature and by sharing the info we discover with you, we may help you keep on the vanguard in your journey towards optimum oral well being.


Our easy analysis technique

Certainly one of our foremost analysis methods when digging into any topic is to discover who’s offering the most constant, proof-based mostly analysis and study from them.

Particular to the dialogue of the subject of the oral microbiome, we discover one individual to have a extremely researched and unbiased view. So, our stance and far of this text will draw from the work of Dr. Phillip D Marsh, professor of oral microbiology at the College of Leeds in the UK and writer of the guide, Oral Microbiology. (Whereas a superb learn for geeks like us, be forewarned, it’s a publish graduate textbook. )


Understanding symbiosis and dysbiosis

Let’s begin by laying down some foundations.

In the spirit of readability, we use the phrases ‘oral flora’ and ‘oral microbiome’ interchangeably.  And we name the ‘residents’ in the oral microbiome group ‘microbes’ ‘probiotic’ species or ‘thug bugs’.

Proof continues to mount that means that there’s a symbiotic relationship between us (the host) and the resident microbes in the mouth.  In a wholesome state of symbiotic stability, we help the microbes and the microbes help us.

Nevertheless, at occasions, this well being-giving relationship between the host (us) and our oral flora can turn out to be disrupted and imbalanced.  This state of imbalance known as dysbiosis.

Quite than the win/win ‘you help me/I help you’ state of affairs that happens in wholesome symbiotic environments, in an imbalanced mouth, sure species of microbes begin to overrun the mouth and actively search to undermine our well being making a win for the microbes and a ‘lose’ for our well being.

These microbes are categorised as ‘pathogenic’, which means they will trigger illness.


Thug bugs…

At OraWellness, we have a tendency to refer to pathogenic microbes as ’thug bugs’ as a result of whereas they’re not really ‘bad’, illness almost all the time follows when thug bugs improve their populations.

And sadly, analysis has proven that numerous species of thug bugs actively search to staff up with different species of thug bugs. Consider it as a type of ‘microbial Mafia’ the place the kingpin bugs recruit others to assist them do their soiled work.

(As an fascinating aspect notice, for those who’re curious to perceive one other method how our HealThy Mouth Mix helps, examine how our mix disrupts the communications between totally different thug bugs working collectively, referred to as ‘quorum sensing’ in this text, “What’s in the HealThy Mouth Mix and why is it so efficient?“)

So the path to larger oral well being as we see it’s to:

  1. optimize the setting that fosters the well being-supporting species of oral microbes and
  2. forestall the thug bugs from gaining the higher hand.

Science refers to this path as the ‘ecological plaque hypothesis’.


Understanding the ecological plaque speculation

The litmus check we use to decide if an skilled actually is aware of what they’re speaking about is whether or not they ever admit that there are issues they don’t know.

Discover that the time period we’re going to talk about is the ‘ecological plaque hypothesis’.

In different phrases, our group understanding of how to navigate the path to optimum oral well being is a speculation, a working mannequin.

We (all) don’t know every little thing there’s to know on the topic.

We use the info at hand to construct a mannequin that gives us with constant outcomes. In the meantime, we proceed to search extra info to enhance that mannequin, even when we might wind up difficult or disproving unique elements of it.  That is the cycle of continuous enchancment, which finally leads us to higher and higher fashions.


The ‘local/global’ precept…

Okay, so getting to the speculation: when you’ve been following our weblog entries and movies, you in all probability already perceive the ecological plaque speculation.  Up to now, our greatest article on this has been ‘How to stability your oral flora‘.

It’s what we speak about all the time: primarily, to optimize oral well being, we should help each the ‘local’, or ‘in the mouth’, setting AND we should additionally present ‘global’, or ‘whole body’, immune help.  And simply to be sure that we’re all on the similar web page right here, the international help is main in the long run.

We talk about this ‘local/global’ precept extra deeply in the article, “4 Steps to Help Your Kids Live a Cavity Free Life”

Nevertheless, native help is necessary, too. In accordance to Dr. Marsh, the ecological plaque speculation states, “…a substantial change in local environmental conditions can alter the competitiveness of plaque bacteria leading to the enrichment of organisms most suited to the new environment.”

In different phrases, we should help a shift in the terrain to make lengthy-time period modifications to our oral well being.

Relating to tooth decay, useful steps like decreasing sugar and avoiding acidic meals and drinks come from the ecological plaque speculation.  And for these of you who’re extra involved about gum illness, methods like habitually disrupting the thug bugs in gum pockets and growing oxygen in gum pockets are born from this similar speculation.


It’s all about maintaining plaque skinny

Like we’ve shared in different articles and video tutorials, a serious a part of optimizing our oral well being is being a ‘good conductor’ of the symphony of microbes in the mouth.

One main technique of being a great conductor is to hold plaque biofilms skinny.

Not shocking, this technique is an enormous a part of the ecological plaque speculation as a result of as plaque thickens, the setting in the plaque modifications (it turns into much less oxygen-wealthy), and thug bugs proliferate extra simply in that low-oxygen surroundings.

Relying on their elements, some essential oil-based mostly oral well being merchandise (like our HealThy Mouth Mix) might help forestall this from occurring.

For instance, manuka oil is especially efficient at serving to to obtain adhesion inhibition.  In different phrases, manuka oil makes it harder for thug bugs and the plaque that they create to stick to the tooth and gums, which helps forestall plaque biofilms from thickening.

And, as we state in, “Can some plaques truly assist our tooth keep wholesome?“, essential oils can play an necessary position in penetrating even thick biofilms to assist set up thinner (aka more healthy) plaque on our tooth.  Adhesion inhibition is a part of mechanical plaque management, which suggests it performs an enormous half in being an excellent conductor of the symphony in your mouth.


What position do essential oils play in the ecological plaque speculation?

An enormous a part of Dr. Marsh’s speculation known as, ‘control without killing’.

This idea of ‘control without killing’ is critically essential to perceive.

What we’re wanting to do is use plant botanicals and proof-based mostly hygiene methods (like Bass brushing and acutely aware flossing) to forestall plaque from thickening and supply an setting in which we discourage the thug bugs with out disturbing the probiotic communities.

However since some essential oils have antimicrobial properties, wouldn’t the merchandise that include them create big imbalances in our oral microbiome?

Not essentially.

The truth is, fairly the reverse in accordance to analysis.

“Long-term use of an EO [essential oil] mouthwash is microbiologically safe, with no changes observed in the bacterial composition of supragingival plaque,
and no evidence of antimicrobial resistance.”
Dr PD Marsh, writer of Oral Microbiology

One research discovered that, “Long-term use of an EO [essential oil] mouthwash is microbiologically safe, with no changes observed in the bacterial composition of supragingival plaque, and no evidence of antimicrobial resistance.”

One other research discovered that, “Successful antimicrobial agents are able to meet the apparently contradictory requirements of maintaining the oral biofilm at levels compatible with oral health but without disrupting the natural and beneficial properties of the resident oral microflora.”

And what about Dr. Marsh?

He discovered that, “Antimicrobial agents in oral care products may have a more selective mode of action in which they mainly inhibit the growth and metabolism of organisms implicated in disease while leaving those associated with oral health relatively unaffected.” [Marsh, 2012]


Management with out killing continued…

How is it potential to disrupt illness-inflicting microbes whereas leaving the well being-supporting ones intact?

In Marsh’s personal phrases,

“A delicate balance is needed, however, to control the oral microbiota at levels compatible with health, without killing beneficial bacteria and losing the key benefits delivered by these resident microbes. These antimicrobial agents may achieve this by virtue of their recommended twice daily topical use, which results in pharmacokinetic profiles indicating that they are retained in the mouth for relatively long periods at sub-lethal levels. At these concentrations they are still able to inhibit bacterial traits implicated in disease (e.g. sugar transport/acid production; protease activity) and retard growth without eliminating beneficial species.”

This is the reason it’s so essential to have the proper stability and dilution of plant botanicals.

We discover this in addition to the specifics on why our HealThy Mouth Mix is so efficient in this text.  If the method is just too concentrated, it may possibly injury the microbial stability in the mouth.  If it’s not robust sufficient, we gained’t profit from the supportive qualities these plant botanicals supply us.

The stability wants to be good, and when it’s, it could actually assist us to be a great conductor by encouraging the useful microbes and overthrowing the efforts of the thug bugs which are making an attempt to construct their populations.


Supportive methods…

One other element of utilizing merchandise like our HealThy Mouth Mix is having the ability to place the supportive compounds the place they’re wanted most.

Utilizing the Bass Brushing Method with the HealThy Mouth Mix helps us to do exactly that.

The rounded bristle ideas of the Bass toothbrush together with the distinctive brushing method assist the natural essential oils to get into the gum pockets, which is the place the thug bugs related to gum illness thrive.  The identical goes for different methods like acutely aware flossing.

These sorts of methods are why we get so many testimonials from completely satisfied clients. And we particularly love the ‘after the dentist’ testimonials, as a result of skilled suggestions can actually assist affirm that we’re on the proper monitor with our efforts.


Last ideas

Let’s shut with another quote from Dr. Marsh relating to utilizing essential oils for oral well being:

“Although these agents are often described as having a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity, it has been argued that, under the conditions of use in the mouth, they may also function effectively at sub-lethal concentrations by interfering with bacterial traits associated with disease. This type of ‘controlled’ antimicrobial approach would maintain the beneficial activities that the host derives from the presence and metabolism of the resident oral microbiome, while reducing the activity of the microbial factors (e.g. acid production; proteolysis) that drive the changes in the balance in the biofilm that lead to dysbiosis (control without killing).”

We hope you’ve gleaned some useful info from our analysis-based mostly contribution to the dialogue about utilizing essential oil-based mostly merchandise in the mouth.

We encourage every of us to proceed to query the tales that we’re advised and problem our present fashions so we will continue to grow and enhancing alongside our path.

What about you–what has been your expertise utilizing merchandise like our HealThy Mouth Mix?
Have you ever discovered profit from them?
Have you ever discovered it to be a constructive or destructive expertise?

Please share in the feedback under so we will all proceed to study from our group expertise.


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