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Overwatch Lore Guide: Characters – Vol. 3, Soldier: 76 through Zenyatta

Overwatch lore guide characters 2

Overwatch lore guide characters 2

The lore in Overwatch may be troublesome to entry at occasions, however it’s there. To make an extended story brief, the eponymous Overwatch was an elite group, consisting of individuals from everywhere in the world who excelled of their respective fields. This group was inbuilt response to the Omnic disaster, which was primarily a robotic revolution towards humanity. Ultimately, humanity triumphed, however the rift between Overwatch and its covert ops division, Blackwatch—in addition to the formation of the legal group Talon—highlighted that the Omnic disaster wasn’t humanity’s solely drawback. Overwatch Character Lore appears into the lore behind the characters, organized in alphabetical order, detailing their backgrounds, relationships. and ambitions. It can draw from the sport, the comics, and the brief movies revealed by Blizzard Leisure on YouTube.

Overwatch Character Lore: Quantity three appears on the final ten characters, Soldier: 76 through Zenyatta, and the complete collection consists of all characters added to the sport through September 2018.

You may also learn Quantity 1, which incorporates Ana through Lucio, and Quantity 2, together with McCree through Roadhog.

Soldier: 76

Jack Morrison joined the US Military on the age of 18. Quickly after, regardless of not having needed to be within the army lengthy-time period, he was provided a place within the prestigious soldier enhancement program. It was right here that Morrison met Gabriel Reyes, who would turn into his greatest good friend, and ultimately his worst enemy. The 2 joined Overwatch collectively, and even if Reyes was granted management, it was later transferred to Morrison, with Reyes gaining management of Overwatch’s covert ops division, Blackwatch. Morrison turned the face of Overwatch, and was adored by individuals everywhere in the world. Regardless of Reyes turning into increasingly more reckless, Morrison all the time defended his greatest good friend’s actions. Properly, he did till Reyes killed Antonio Bartalotti in chilly blood. Bartalotti had been recognized because the individual behind the assault on Overwatch’s Oslo headquarters, and regardless of Morrison’s want to research additional, he informed Reyes that it was as much as him whether or not Blackwatch went after Bartalotti or not. He didn’t, nevertheless, condone the homicide of Bartalotti. Reyes did this with out even having earlier approval from the workforce who accompanied him, consisting of Genji, McCree, and Moira. Morrison was livid with Reyes, as have been Ana and Gérard Lecroix. Nevertheless, Reyes didn’t lose his place because the Commander of Blackwatch.

Reyes disobeyed Morrison once more by deploying Blackwatch brokers, together with Jesse McCree, on the bottom in King’s Row on the 27th day of the Rebellion there. Nevertheless, Morrison ultimately approved Overwatch interference after Lena Oxton, a.okay.a. Tracer, delivered a shifting speech, declaring Overwatch’s obligation. Ultimately, Reyes led a revolt towards Morrison, triggering the explosion at Overwatch’s Swiss headquarters, main their pals to consider that each of them had died within the blast. Equally to Reaper, Morrison went rogue, now working underneath the alias of “Soldier: 76”. Nevertheless, in contrast to Reaper’s terrorist assaults, Morrison turned a vigilante, serving his personal type of justice. He stole gear from a number of Overwatch amenities, till he ultimately possessed a whole package of extremely-superior gear. He made it his mission to show the reality behind the downfall of Overwatch.

As described within the part underneath Reaper, Morrison and Reyes have been reunited in Egypt, at which era Reaper virtually killed Morrison. Ana saved Morrison, and agreed to hitch his trigger. Nevertheless, she was skeptical. When requested if he had any concept as to what he would do after that they had restored Overwatch to its former glory, Morrison replied that his struggle would by no means finish.


Olivia Colomar is a famend hacker. Her cybernetic enhancements primarily make her a human pc, supplementing her already-distinctive hacking talents. Having collaborated with Los Muertos in her youth, she turned hooked on hacking, ultimately stumbling into a worldwide conspiracy. Her id turned compromised, and so, Olivia Colomar turned Sombra.

Sombra, now extra cautious, resumed her work. Ultimately, she was recruited by Talon, and commenced working alongside the likes of Reaper, Widowmaker, and Doomfist. Sombra started to work with Los Muertos once more, and ultimately uncovered the shady dealings of LúmeriCo’s CEO, Guillermo Portero. Sombra had completed a feat that was so spectacular, that folks thought she was a gaggle of individuals, versus a person. Regardless of her fame throughout all of Mexico, Sombra wasn’t even remotely phased. She had already started to help Talon of their infiltration of Volskaya Industries. This infiltration, as described beneath the Reaper part, ended with Sombra sabotaging the mission in favor of her personal private achieve. Having made a good friend in Katya Volskaya, Sombra continued to pursue the conspiracy she had beforehand unearthed. Though she provided Talon her providers, she withheld her loyalty in secret. Nevertheless, Katya dispatched Zarya to trace down Sombra. The 2 exchanged phrases and bullets, however finally, Zarya let Sombra go.


Hailing from India, Satya Vaswani was inducted into Vishkar’s Architech Academy at a younger age. Her potential was shortly acknowledged, and she or he was assigned the moniker “Symmetra” by Vishkar. Symmetra had, at this stage, mastered her management of the arduous-mild know-how pioneered by Vishkar, which allowed her to actually manipulate actuality. She is on the autism spectrum, and though she maintains good intentions, she is prepared to interact in morally questionable actions with a view to additional the objectives of Vishkar, which, by her logic, will result in a greater world for humanity.

After being guided again to her lodge by a younger woman from the slums of Rio, Symmetra vowed that she would safe a cope with the town’s mayor for Vishkar to redevelop Rio. She tried to sabotage the rival firm, Calado, who had initially secured the deal forward of Viskhar, however didn’t resort to deadly drive on any event in doing so. After revealing to her superiors that she had not collected adequate info to deliver Calado down, the Calado constructing behind her collapsed in a devastating explosion. Symmetra noticed a lady within the adjoining slum crying, and realized that her daughter was caught inside a burning home. Symmetra went inside and saved a younger woman – the woman from earlier than. Symmetra’s perception in Vishkar suffered immeasurable injury that day, and much more injury when her superiors introduced that the redevelopment of the town had been full, contemplating that housing had but to be offered to those that misplaced their houses to the Calado explosion. Regardless of the rebel which ensued from Vishkar’s interference in Rio, which had been led by Lúcio, Symmetra continued to attempt to persuade herself that this had been the correct factor for Vishkar, and for her, to do.


The Swedish engineer, Torbjorn Lindholm, is famend as top-of-the-line engineers on the earth. He’s Brigitte Lindholm’s father, and Reinhardt Wilhelm’s greatest good friend. Torbjorn’s brilliance resulted in him being headhunted by arms sellers everywhere in the world, however his want for a greater humanity triggered him to return into battle with the individuals he labored for. Torbjorn by no means trusted the Omnics, and though different individuals laughed at his paranoia, he primarily predicted the Omnic disaster.

Torbjorn was chosen to be part of the unique Overwatch group, who wanted an skilled in engineering to design chopping-edge gear for them. In the direction of the top of the Omnic disaster, Torbjorn virtually died in Istanbul. Nevertheless, Reinhardt saved him, incomes his proper to call Torbjorn’s daughter—Brigitte. Reinhardt stayed by his bedside till Torbjorn made a full restoration, and was capable of return house to his spouse, Ingrid. Torbjorn performed a quintessential position in Overwatch, designing chopping-edge weapons methods and making breakthroughs within the area of biotics, even inventing Ana Amari’s biotic rifle.

After Overwatch’s disbandment, Torbjorn determined to hunt out the weapons he created, lest they fall into the improper palms. When Winston issued the recall, Torbjorn was in Western Russia, probably looking for his personal innovations. Ultimately, whereas at house in Sweden, Torbjorn was notified of a rogue Bastion unit roaming the forests. Having helped to design the E54 Bastion, Torbjorn knew precisely what he was coping with. Regardless of his makes an attempt to attract hearth from the Bastion, all it did was supply him wooden to assist a gaggle of beavers with the development of a dam. Instantly recognizing the docility of this Bastion unit, Torbjorn saved it from the individuals who had got down to hunt it. In keeping with his earlier skepticism of Omnics, he assured the Bastion that they weren’t associates, however quickly afterwards, constructed him a brand new set of armor to switch his previous one.

Torbjorn permitted his daughter to hitch Reinhardt on his quest throughout Europe for honor and glory, partly as a result of he needed to honor her needs, however principally as a result of he knew nobody on the planet would shield her higher than his greatest pal.

Enjoyable reality: On board the plane that dropped Overwatch brokers on the bottom in London to quell the King’s Row Rebellion, Torbjorn checked out Tracer and stated, “The cavalry’s here.” Tracer went on to make use of this phrase as her personal private motto, regardless of Torbjorn’s meant sarcasm.


Ah, Lena Oxton, the face of Overwatch. A fan-favourite, and rightfully so. Hailing from London, Tracer is pure, and believes in doing what’s proper, it doesn’t matter what. Lena all the time needed to hitch Overwatch, and she or he acquired her probability when she turned the youngest individual ever to be inducted into Overwatch’s experimental flight program. Sadly, the ship she piloted, the Slipstream, was a chopping-edge ship designed for teleportation. Throughout her first flight, the ship malfunctioned, and it disappeared, together with Lena.

She reappeared a couple of months later. Most individuals thought that she had died. Nevertheless, though she reappeared, she was affected by chronal dissociation, which meant that she might spontaneously disappear for hours, and even days at a time. Enter: Winston. The sensible scientist from Horizon Lunar Colony invented the chronal accelerator, which not solely stored Tracer anchored in time, however allowed her to manipulated her chronal dissociation at will. It wasn’t lengthy earlier than Tracer and Winston turned greatest buddies.

Tracer started coaching as an Overwatch agent, sparring towards Blackwatch agent Genji. She was the one trainee that managed to impress him. On the suggestion of Mercy and Winston, and with the approval of Jack Morrison, Tracer entered lively obligation on the 27th day of the King’s Row Rebellion. Alongside Reinhardt, Torbjorn, and Mercy, Tracer helped to defeat Null Sector at King’s Row, proving herself to be a real Overwatch hero. Tracer would later return to King’s Row in Alive to see Tekharta Mondatta, the well-known Omnic monk. Rising suspicious, she inspected the perimeter, discovering Widowmaker within the course of. Regardless of Tracer’s greatest efforts, Widowmaker killed Mondatta, and escaped on a Talon plane.

Within the battle towards Doomfist, Tracer’s chronal accelerator was crushed, inflicting her to blink uncontrollably. It was due to this that Winston entered Primal Rage and bested Doomfist. Winston repaired her chronal accelerator afterwards. Within the subsequent effort made to recuperate Doomfist’s gauntlet, Reaper and Widowmaker attacked the museum which had it on show. Winston and Tracer, with the assistance of some civilians, simply thwarted the Talon brokers’ plans.

In Recall, it’s Tracer who instantly responds to Winston, saying, “Winston? Is that you, love? It’s been too long!”

Within the current day, Lena Oxton lives in London together with her girlfriend, Emily.


Amélie Lacroix, née Guillard, was born in France. Whereas rising up in Paris, she met Overwatch scientist, Gerard Lacroix. She was kidnapped by Talon brokers after a number of failed makes an attempt to kidnap her husband. Nevertheless, after a while, she was discovered within the streets, seemingly regular. She resumed her regular life, a lot to the delight of her husband and pals. Nevertheless, two weeks later, she killed her husband in his sleep. Talon had primarily brainwashed Amélie, and thus, Widowmaker was born. Talon slowed her coronary heart price, leading to her pores and skin turning blue, her coronary heart slowing down, and her emotional capability turning into all however eradicated.

Throughout a battle between Overwatch and Talon, Ana briefly bested Widowmaker in a sniper duel. Nevertheless, her shot knocked Widowmaker’s helmet off, revealing her face. Surprised, Ana misplaced her focus, permitting Widowmaker to retaliate. Widomaker shot Ana through the scope of her personal sniper, which is why the Captain Ana Amari we all know and love wears an eye fixed-patch.

As described within the Tracer part, Widowmaker assassinated the Shambali chief, Tekharta Mondatta.

Widowmaker missed her shot on Katya Voldkaya in Infiltration, because of Sombra’s interference. As seen within the shot through Tracer’s chronal accelerator in Alive, it is rather uncommon that Widowmaker misses. After Doomfist was free of jail, Widowmaker helped him to kill Vialli, taking management of Talon within the course of.


Winston is a genetically-enhanced gorilla who grew up on Horizon Lunar Colony. Though he beloved his time there, a number of the different check topics didn’t. A revolution started, and the opposite gorillas killed all the human scientists on the station, together with Winston’s father determine, Dr. Harold Winston. Harold had spent virtually daily with Winston, as he was impressed at how speedy his mental development had been. Harold informed him to not see the world because it was, however the way it could possibly be. At Horizon, Winston turned quick associates with Specimen eight: Hammond.

After the revolution, Winston was undesirable by his fellow apes. He constructed a makeshift rocket, and made for Earth, which Harold had proven him so way back. He landed at Watchpoint: Gibraltar, and located a brand new house in Overwatch. Harold had taught him science, and advised him tales of heroism and humanity. Winston might lastly grow to be the hero he was all the time meant to be. Though Winston beloved most of his colleagues, Gabriel Reyes hated him.

As talked about within the Tracer part, it was Winston who designed the chronal accelerator that stored her anchored in time. Additionally, as beforehand talked about, it was Winston who used his Primal Rage to defeat Doomfist after Genji and Tracer had been incapacitated.

When Reaper tried to hack the Watchpoint: Gibraltar database in Recall, Winston fought him again, and stopped the obtain. After Reaper retreated, Winston determined to provoke a recall of all Overwatch brokers—one thing he had needed to do for a very long time. He delivered a speech—the speech from he opening cutscene in Overwatch—and, after many failed makes an attempt, broadcast it throughout all Overwatch channels. This was the printed which launched Mei from cryostasis. He later launched a drone from Gibraltar, efficiently reinstating international Overwatch communications.

From right here, till to the current day, Winston’s battles are coated within the Tracer part. Tracer visited Winston for Christmas Day together with her girlfriend, Emily. She didn’t need him to need to spend it alone.

Wrecking Ball

Specimen eight: Hammond, was Winston’s solely animal good friend on Horizon Lunar Colony. Additionally exhibiting indicators of intelligence, Hammond was capable of talk, however not in any human language. His mech, “Wrecking Ball,” serves the first perform of translating his ideas to English, providing an output that the human scientists might perceive.

Hammond underwent genetic remedy so as to check the antagonistic results of habitation on the moon. Nevertheless, this remedy made him improve in measurement, and made him dramatically extra clever. Hammond was mischievous, and recurrently escaped his cage at nighttime, which induced quite a lot of confusion for the scientists. Nevertheless, Hammond did this for a purpose. He was educating himself engineering and mechanics, and when Winston constructed his makeshift rocket, Hammond constructed an escape capsule that latched onto the again of it. Sadly, earlier than the 2 might be reunited, the twine attaching Hammond’s pod to Winston’s snapped. Whereas Winston landed at Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Hammond landed simply outdoors of Junkertown.

Hammond’s escape pod had been customary into the identical design as his mech. When he landed, he entered the Scrapyard, Junkertown’s infamous battle area, and have become the champion. After he had earned sufficient cash to improve his mech sufficiently, he left Junkertown to discover the world, and, hopefully, be reunited together with his greatest pal from Horizon.


Aleksandra Zaryanova is a champion weightlifter and probably the most trusted allies of Katya Volskaya. Hailing from Russia, she sacrificed her Olympic profession to battle for her nation in the course of the Omnic disaster. To this present day, she is distrustful of all robots, together with Lynx 17, who accompanies her in her seek for Sombra.

Zarya’s core perception is that the robust ought to shield the weak. The rationale she sacrificed her profession was as a result of, in a peaceable world, she may need had success in that space; however in a world by which her family and friends are unsafe, it’s her obligation to make use of her power to guard individuals. The actual purpose she even began coaching within the first place was in order that she might hold her family members protected and sound.

After Sombra tried to bribe Katya Volskaya, Zarya was despatched to Numbani to satisfy with Lynx 17. Collectively, they ultimately tracked Sombra down, however finally, Zarya let her escape. Lynx 17 had been hacked, and the warehouse would explode in a single minute. The warehouse did explode, however all three had escaped, as Zarya had saved them. Neither Lynx 17, Sombra, and even Zarya herself knew what came to visit Zarya to make her save an omnic and an enemy of Katya. Zarya, confused, determined to return to the Russian Protection Forces. She agreed to maintain Katya’s secret about collaborating with Omnics to be able to pile assets for the warfare towards the Siberian omnium.


Zenyatta is an omnic monk and a former member of the Shambali beneath Tekharta Mondatta. He left the Shambali, as he believed that concord between people and omnics might solely be really achieved through real interpersonal connection. Though he held a excessive opinion of Mondatta, he finally elected to pursue his personal path, and commenced to wander the world. It has been stated that those that cross paths with Zenyatta are eternally modified.

One such individual was Genji. After leaving Overwatch, Genji had develop into solely disillusioned together with his cyborg physique. He felt he had no place on both aspect of the human/omnic dichotomy. Zenyatta, regardless of Genji’s protest, ultimately managed to show Genji the way to be entire once more, and Genji determined to stick with Zenyatta, turning into one in every of his brightest pupils.

The knowledge Zenyatta handed on to Genji was what gave Genji the power to go to his brother, Hanzo, and supply him his forgiveness. Genji now believed that Hanzo, too, might be saved.

Though peaceable, Zenyatta will battle to guard the harmless if essential.

All lore was collected by the author of this text, and  reality-checked towards the official Overwatch wiki.

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