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PHANTOM LIMB by Reiko Scott |

PHANTOM LIMB by Reiko Scott |

Phantom Limb by Reiko Scott
Revealed 9/25/2018

I acquired my first cybernetic arm once I was eight years previous.

Naomi Shimizu has undergone a number of enhancements. A cybernetic arm, to switch her crushed one. Clean pale pores and skin and visible implants, to exchange what was misplaced in an accident. Over the course of her life, she has traded natural physique elements for constructed ones—not all the time together with her consent. So now, Naomi works for the New York Metropolis Division of Well being and Psychological Hygiene beneath the Cybernetic Registry, to halt and stop the blackmarket sale of cybernetic mods. However modifications have a method of adjusting a woman—and Naomi will do something it takes to do her job. To be good.

At first look, how cybernetic do I look? Are you able to inform my face has been reconstructed from a mould or that neither of my arms are made from flesh and bone? Minimize them and also you’ll see—they shed sparks, not blood. However you in all probability already observed the seam in my neck and the colour of my pores and skin. There’s just one method to get pores and skin as white and flawless as mine.

“Naomi, where’re you heading?”

I slip my pill into my jacket pocket and clear the remnants of my lunch from the desk. Style hasn’t been the identical since my jaw alternative left me with an artificial tongue and I’ve left most of my dessert untouched.

“I’ve got a lead on a place on Bleecker,” I say. My voice is my very own, although barely. It’s too troublesome to recreate the minute variability in vocal cords from scratch, in order that they salvaged these from my natural throat and stitched them into the folds of a fabricated larynx. The timbre has a metallic echo, although I’m advised I’m the one one who notices.

“University kids, huh? Sounds about right,” Williams says, hoisting his bag onto his shoulder. “I’m heading downtown too, want to grab a cab?”


I acquired my first cybernetic arm once I was eight years previous.

All I keep in mind from the crash was the wail of tires and a sound I related to a tin can of soda being crushed underfoot. After that, nothing. No yelling, no sirens, no sobs. However that’s what the thoughts is supposed to do, proper? Overlook?

If it had occurred ten years earlier, the docs would have tried to save lots of the limb. Patched the tattered meat again collectively and left the scars to develop like vines over what was left. It will have been ugly, however it will have stayed mine. As an alternative, my mother and father insisted on fine-tuned silicon and metal, the most effective of what drugs needed to supply.

“The somatosensory system is equal to or better than organic skin,” the nurse had defined when operating via orientation to my new limb. “Electronic mechanoreceptors are more finely tuned at the fingertips than any bio-receptor can be. Pain is also cut off at a threshold.”

I rubbed my shoulder the place metallic met pores and skin. The attachment course of was extra agonizing than the accident itself—if solely as a result of I remembered it—however I didn’t inform the nurse. It wasn’t what she needed to listen to.


The Bleecker road lead is my first breakthrough in weeks. There are rumors of an underground cybernetic clinic promoting mods—reminiscence enhancements, sensory acuity changes, that kind of factor. There’s want in a metropolis like New York that runs on firsts and bests, and group well being middle prescribed ADHD stims don’t minimize it. I get it, it’s onerous to compete towards the first-chair violinist when her cochlear implants give her good pitch and her wrist has been changed after a nasty case of carpal tunnel. It’s tempting to need to program one or two fewer hours of sleep with simply the flick of a dial. Cybernetic equal alternative.

It’s simply my job on the NYC Division of Well being and Psychological Hygiene beneath the Cybernetic Registry to ensure that doesn’t occur.

The condo is retrofitted to look identical to any physician’s workplace. The ready room has bland couches and mag-tablets unfold over the particle board espresso desk. A metallic plaque inscribed with “Min-ji Kim, MD” is tacked over the door. The receptionist stares at me, his eyes roaming excessive of a guide that’s fallen unfastened in his fingers. Politeness, or the looks of politeness, tends to make individuals look away from my implants. This man really stares. My garments cover most of it, however he lingers on the subtler tells. The bump of the seam between shoulder and torso that makes the material of my jacket fall unusually, the skinny scar that ghosts alongside the underside of my jawbone towards my ear.

“Water?” he says, sluggish and cautious, just like the phrases have spines.

“No thank you.” I sit, seize a mag-tablet and wait.

Display after display of modded women and men within the advertisements flash in my face. The specified physique is the right physique. No marvel there are such a lot of pop-up cybernetic outlets. I fiddle with the screw on my knuckle as I put down the mag-tablet and stare on the patterns within the rug as an alternative.

When Dr. Kim lastly emerges, I see she is a skinny lady, wearing unfastened becoming black slacks and button down floral shirt. She wears her white coat and stethoscope with the air physicians all the time do, as if they should remind you of the facility they’ve over you and your liver and lungs and veins and tooth.

“New patient?” she asks. “You need to fill out your forms with Mr. Cortez.”

“I’m just here to talk,” I say. “Can we go to your office?”

She faucets her heel into the carpet. “We can speak here.”

“Dr. Kim, I’m from the DOH.”

The receptionist, Mr. Cortez, places his guide down.

“No,” Dr. Kim says. “You need to leave.”

“We have reason to believe—”

“I’m fully registered,” she says. “Up to date with my licensing.”

“We have reason to believe,” I attempt once more, “that you are signing off on prescriptions for cybernetics in unqualified patients.”

Mr. Cortez rises from his seat and walks to Dr. Kim’s aspect. His eyes glide from the road on the fringe of my jaw to the screw on my knuckle I’m nonetheless enjoying with. When he opens his mouth, he speaks to the metallic of my palm. “You don’t understand how hard it is for people like us.”

“Francisco, be quiet,” Dr. Kim says.

“I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to take you in for questioning,” I say. “Mr. Cortez, you are free to go.”

“No,” he says, putting a protecting hand on Dr. Kim’s shoulder. “Dr. Kim doing the work that the hospitals won’t. Not all of us can afford the so called qualifications.”


“Dr. Kim,” I say. “I’m giving you this chance to come without fuss. Please.”

I wait. Someplace, a telephone chimes. A door slams shut down the corridor, neighbors bickering over the crinkle of plastic grocery luggage. Dr. Kim doesn’t transfer, so I attain for my handcuffs, collapsed beneath my belt.

Mr. Cortez grabs my wrist first. The intrusion is fast, sudden—the person’s hand on mine earlier than I blink—however whilst he twists, making an attempt to wrestle the cuffs from my grasp, I don’t really feel the ache. I step again, flip, and press my chest towards his, restraining him. The undesirable sensory enter of pores and skin towards pores and skin towards fabrication is a bolt of lightning over my nerves.

He writhes. He can really feel it too. “Fuck. Is any of you real?” Dr. Kim doesn’t wrestle once I escort her out subsequent.


In my first yr of college, I contracted meningitis. One week into my hospital keep, drugged and tubed till I felt I had grow to be one with the onerous plastic of the mattress, the docs determined it will be greatest to restructure the liner of my central nervous system. I wasn’t awake when my mother and father signed me off to be a check topic for the novel process.

They needed the most effective for me, and if I used to be certified for brand spanking new cybernetic upgrades, how might I say no? Reminiscence mods would get me additional in life. Sensory acuity enhancements would permit me by means of extra doorways. It will make me higher. It wasn’t my first cybernetic process because the arm. I had one for my imaginative and prescient (nearsightedness) and a few spinal reconstruction (scoliosis), however this was the primary process that made me marvel how a lot of me was nonetheless Naomi.

Am I just like the ship of Theseus? If I exchange every a part of me one by one, will it nonetheless be the identical me?

You can say the identical for the life cycle of cells, I suppose.


Once I went again to college for my second yr, I began to note the modifications. I might keep in mind higher, sure, however I noticed it extra within the tip of the top of a professor after a didactic. Within the lips of the primary boy who slept with me, grin fading from giddy originally of the night to half-formed sneer afterwards. In within the grasping twist of phrases from the well-known bioengineer I utilized to do analysis with, learning the neural hyperlinks of artificial limbs. Underneath “skills” I had put down my cybernetic enhancements. I used to be given the place as a result of I used to be advised I might be simpler to coach.

That’s once I stopped making an attempt so exhausting to cover my arm in public.

I discovered about cybernetics alone, studying papers and tweaking my hardware each time I had an opportunity. Once I didn’t know if I might name this artificial arm my arm, I reconstructed it to be mine alone. Once I didn’t know if the ideas that began racing by way of my thoughts over sleepless nights belonged to me or the flickering suggestions of circuits embedded in my temporal lobe, I made a decision it didn’t matter. I used the additional waking hours to dedicate to computational fashions of neural networks.


“When are you coming home?”

I used to be speaking to my mother over the telephone on a scorching June day of my third yr. I’d elected to remain at college over the summer time to work within the lab, finals week operating into lengthy, humid nights with no air con in my dorm room.

“I have a week off before starting the semester,” I stated.

“Will you be able to make Kimi’s wedding? She told me she wanted you there.”

“In August, right? Sixteenth?”

“It’s a weekend, let me find the invitation. Oh, I can’t read it in this light, give me a moment.”

“You should think about the new visual implant they put on the market,” I informed her, listening to the far-away rustling sounds of my mother looking her desk. “You can stop complaining about needing reading glasses.”

“I don’t know about that,” she stated. “I’ve had reading glasses forever, it isn’t bad. I’m not like you, Naomi, adapting to all this new technology. Oh, here it is. Yes, the sixteenth.”

“It’s a walk-in procedure, you’ll be approved immediately. Uncle Ken had it done last year.”

My mother laughed and it sounded tinny throughout the road. “I’m fine how I am,” she stated. “Now, tell me more about that project. I can’t believe your advisor is letting you take that on yourself. And you said there’s a conference…?”

I didn’t find yourself going to that wedding ceremony. I didn’t discover time to go to residence in any respect. One other alternative popped up, an experiment my Precept Investigator wanted to complete earlier than she might undergo a journal. It was the primary time I acquired my identify listed as an writer on a paper.

As an alternative of getting indignant as I assumed they might, my mother and father informed me they have been proud.


It doesn’t go nicely within the interrogation room again on the DOH.

Dr. Kim’s is only a small clinic, however it’s the closest we’ve come to rooting out the ring of suppliers that serves the tristate space shortly. Two years of labor—of lifeless ends and dropped calls and shit luck—flash in my thoughts. Stories of untraceable cybernetics on affected person discharges are piled on my desk subsequent to pages of contacts within the main hospital in all of the boroughs. Tales of stashes full of forgotten limbs scatter throughout tales of stripped corpses and I’m left to untangle the entire mess.

We’d like concrete info to arrest the blokes in cost, dates and places, however Dr. Kim gained’t converse to any of the investigators about her suppliers.

Detectives Williams and Parker name me over after two hours with no headway.

“We think she might open to you,” Parker says. “Since you’re—I mean, you’re the one who brought her in.” He coughs, swallowing the remnants of the phrases nonetheless on his tongue. I do know what he’s implying. Mods and implants aren’t the one factor individuals aren’t snug speaking about out loud. Not the one factor that forestalls individuals from wanting me within the eye.

“Room two?” I ask.

“Go ahead.”

I deliver a bottle of water and an apple I nabbed from the kitchen in with me and slide them each throughout the desk. As I sit, Dr. Kim reads my identify on the badge that’s now clipped to my shirt pocket. She laughs. A quiet little puff of air, simply barely a chuckle and really removed from actual amusement.

“When I first saw you, I assumed you were just another one of those entitled brats,” she says. “White trust fund kid from the Upper East Side, daddy’s connections getting you cool gadgets. Hungry for more.”

No, I’m not any of these issues, however I’m acquainted with the impression I give.

Drumming my false fingers throughout the desk, I work to maintain my fabricated face regular. If she’s snug sufficient to start out talking, perhaps she’ll say one thing of use. There’s a click on within the knuckle of my center finger every time I transfer it. I observed it a pair days in the past, however haven’t had an opportunity to go in and repair it but. I fiddle with it once more. Drum, drum, click on, drum, drum.

“But you’re something else, aren’t you? A machine,” Dr. Kim says. “They made you into a machine. And now, look at you, you’re perfect.”

I cease drumming and she or he stops speaking. The fan bolted to the ceiling rotates lazily and the lights hum overhead. Dr. Kim doesn’t contact the meals or water.

I stroll out after fifteen minutes of silence.

“Sorry, Parker,” I say. “She’s not going to cooperate.”

“She said something when you—”

“Nothing of importance to the case,” I say, however he notices the best way I stiffen. Reactions are reactions, regardless of how artificial the neural impulses are.

I feel he’s going to let it go, however as an alternative, he leans in, as if we’re buddies. As if we speak like this on a regular basis. “Don’t worry. You did well today, Ms. Shimizu. Really well. The boss is going to be happy.”


To my mother and father’ confusion and disappointment, I didn’t go into teachers after school. All of the hope that they had saved in me since we immigrated to the US from Japan—the goals that they had cradled and fed me for years—disappeared the second I graduated. As an alternative, I utilized for a job on the New York Metropolis Division of Well being.

On some degree, I deserve what occurred. I took the ship they constructed out of their religion and sailed it right into a storm. And in that storm, my physique fell aside.

I had tracked the situation of a lab conducting unregulated testing of efficiency enhancing implants. They have been making use of new supplies to previous cybernetics, seeing if they might change out the power storage methods within the fluid musculature of artificial legs. The scientists knew the danger. As quickly as I cornered them, they overloaded one among their very own prototypes, sending flammable fuel, shards of metallic, and reside wires cascading towards the place I stood, a freeze nonetheless caught in my mouth and a hand too sluggish to defend my face.

It was ache like nothing I’d skilled earlier than. There was no shut-off mechanism, no override. It was natural ache, so my ache alone, and I used to be sinking. The docs should have informed me what elements of me have been dying—the flesh of my chest and shoulders and face that couldn’t be saved—however I couldn’t hear them beneath the sound of dashing water in my ears and the thudding of my very own coronary heart.

I used to be drowning.

In the event that they ever requested me if they might change my physique like they did, I didn’t hear them. I by no means stated sure.

Positive, it was truly simpler to have two cybernetic arms as an alternative of only one. I obtained used to that in a short time.

The face? It took me months to get used to that. They evened out the form of my ears so they might be symmetrical, enhanced the little freckles on the tip of my nostril that solely used to return out within the summertime, lightened the colour of my eyes a number of shades, as a result of who wouldn’t need to see these lovely eyes pop? They sparkle vast beneath the eyelid fold and outlined forehead ridge I by no means had earlier than. It was all an enchancment, they stated. All to be identical to these fashions within the mag-tablets.

After I acquired out of the hospital, I reduce and dyed my hair so I might be in command of a minimum of a few of this new me. I ran my fingers by means of my brief, blue bob and stopped wanting in mirrors. After that, I might deal somewhat higher.

My new metallic-tinged voice, although, I by no means received used to.


Mr. Cortez lets extra slip in his interview than Dr. Kim does and it’s sufficient to provide us a lead on Kevin Yang, the youthful of a pair of brothers operating the Manhattan department of the cybernetic suppliers.

His info leads me to just a little shopfront in Washington Heights. The pale yellow and purple lettering on the awning says House Provide, however the metallic grates over the doorways and home windows are shut. Inside, the shop is empty apart from a number of cabinets of paint and a lonely checkout counter. It’s straightforward to seek out the again entrance, simpler to interrupt the lock with a lazy twist of my government-issued cybernetic hand. I take a breath and lookup the stairwell. The mud hasn’t settled prefer it had by means of the foggy window of the store. It’s been disturbed lately, the metallic steps cleaned with the ft of frequent visitors.

I ascend.

As quickly as I make it previous the third story, I hear voices.

“The doc down on West 103rd is looking for attention mods,” a person says. I acknowledge his voice from the vids I studied over the previous couple months. Yang, my goal.

“CNS mods are tough. Skulls aren’t forgiving.”

I take a cautious couple of steps towards the open door of the workplace. The shadows of two males unfold like spilled ink over the ground.

“There’s a pediatric neuro clinic attached to Mount Sinai that runs through those like candy. Dumpster dive, for all I care.”

I crawl nearer, ear to the wall.

“I don’t—”

“Shh. I hear something.”

I maintain my breath, figuring out that the mechanical drone of air round my artificial larynx would give me away. There’s complete silence for one, two, three seconds. After which, I do know I’m discovered.

Earlier than I can react, Yang leaps ahead, slams the door shut, and throws his chair towards the deal with with a clatter of wooden on metallic. With out hesitation, I smash my fist via the glass of the door to unblock it, disregarding the crisscrossing wires that may have minimize flesh. My fist can’t bruise or bleed. The chair clatters to the ground and I burst by way of the doorway, however Yang has already climbed out the hearth exit, his companion following behind.

I leap after them, the rickety metallic ladder shaking so arduous I feel it’ll collapse. When the pavement nears beneath me, I leap, ankles buckling, however the two are already half a block forward of me. The sunshine streaks over the road of parked automobiles and my legs burn with effort, fatigue coursing via my final natural limbs. My arms can solely pump in a whir of ineffective motors and circuits. Yang leaps into the driving force’s seat of a black Toyota.

I gasp and name, “Stop!” however they don’t hear me over the thrum of the engine beginning.

It’s over as quickly as they begin driving. They’ll head straight for the George Washington bridge into New Jersey the place there’s nothing I can do to catch them. The tires skid as they draw back and all I can do is shout after the headlights whipping across the nook.


One week in Might, after my first yr with the DOH, I’d garnered sufficient time to stick with my mother and father for every week.

“Just in time to see the flowers bloom,” my mom stated in Japanese as I kicked off my footwear in my mother and father’ genkan, ignoring the pile of slippers in a basket by the door. I favored the texture of naked ft on picket flooring, toes free to stretch and curl.

“Just in time to have me work in the garden,” I teased again in English, leaning into the hug she was ready for. It had been eight months since my surgical procedures and my mother nonetheless couldn’t meet my eyes, as an alternative fixing her gaze someplace previous my proper shoulder. She visited me proper after the accident, when she had pressed her palms on both aspect of my face, looking for one thing within the ridge of my nostril. She stated nothing, solely nodded, prefer it was all so regular that her daughter not shared her vast set mouth or crooked canines. That nod wormed its approach into my thoughts repeatedly, like a wave crashing on the shore. Like an error message in code, a loop I couldn’t escape from. I didn’t know what it meant.

“Dinner first. Help me cook.”

My dad waved at me from the lounge with the identical look that slipped proper by me, like water over a duck’s again. It handed by the digital photoreceptors in my eyes and tracked throughout the sign replicators beneath the artificial pores and skin that allowed me to smile and snigger and frown. The look ignited one thing, a tic in my circuits that shorted and cracked, and I might really feel myself grimace.

I retreated to the kitchen and took the knife from my mother’s ready arms. I’d by no means been capable of wield it with the identical deftness as her, however I all the time tried my greatest to imitate her precision. Out of shape, even with my enhanced reflexes, the scallions have been torn to shreds and the onions diced into uneven chunks.

“Who taught you to cook like that?” my mother joked, although we each knew the reply.

The joints of my palms froze. I despatched instructions to them to maintain shifting, however some sign received misplaced within the electrical jumps between mind and fingers.


“It’s all your new technology,” she stated. “Makes you forget all the important things.” She stole the remainder of the greens again from me and began chatting so shortly I might solely catch half of it, my fading command of Japanese dropping phrases and phrases. I hadn’t spoken fluently since I used to be little. Little and entire. Perhaps once they cured my meningitis and enhanced my reminiscence, they did so on the expense of my language facilities. Now, every time I reached for Wernicke’s space, it was like there was a file I couldn’t entry. Once I tried, all I acquired in return was a buzzing sound behind my throat and disgrace electrifying my backbone. “Remember when you were six? All you did was follow me around when I was cooking. What happened to my little girl?”

I didn’t keep in mind.

My proper arm began to harm.

I used to be afraid that once they fastened me, they reorganized my episodic reminiscence too. That they picked by means of my ideas and selected which of them I used to be allowed to maintain earlier than stuffing all of them again—that my reminiscences have been tainted by surgical palms. I’d by no means dared voice this worry with the artificial throat they’d given me.

One thing I did keep in mind: the ship of Theseus was remade to honor the hero’s journey house. The Athenians had constructed it robust, time and again, to protect the legacy of their previous. What was I however a factor my mother and father made? Rigorously constructed, time and again and over.

“Sometimes I wish you were still that little girl,” my mother stated.

I needed to scream, however my traitorous voice was tender and filled with static. “You wanted me to become like this.”

The phantom ache in my arm grew worse. The nerve endings to the spinal ganglia had all been related to the cybernetic limb, however I used to be concurrently processing false knowledge from my misplaced natural. For a second, I felt like I had three arms—the 2 nonetheless cradling the knife, and the third, a ghost. My arm flared up within the agony of an inconceivable suggestions loop, rising and rising earlier than shorting out. I gripped the correct limb with my left so it wouldn’t spasm. I used to be pitching ahead. I used to be dropping the imaginative and prescient on the corners of my eyes. I didn’t need my mother to note.

She was nonetheless talking shortly, however I didn’t have sufficient processing energy to pay attention.

“Wakaranai,” I stated, as a result of it was the one piece of damaged Japanese I might handle. I don’t perceive.


I name into the DOH to report what occurred with Yang. My boss tells me I used to be impulsive. That if I knew what I used to be doing, I might have waited for backup.

“Shimizu, I expected better from you.”

I do know. I informed him I might do it and I made myself a liar.

I finish the decision as I drag myself again as much as the empty distributor’s workplace, hoping to seek out salvageable knowledge on any tablets left behind, however there’s nothing. The lads are gone and that’s what issues. All the trouble, wasted. The additional time I put in updating my cybernetics. The vacations I missed as a result of I wanted to compensate for my reviews. Engaged on January first? My mom had requested. That’s a nasty omen for the brand new yr. However I nonetheless have to show myself. I have to catch these guys and present that my schooling, that my physique, wasn’t a waste.

I look out the window, on the rusted hearth escape, and know that if I had been just a bit quicker, a bit stronger, it might have ended in a different way. That I might plan all I needed, nevertheless it got here right down to a race that I had misplaced.

I stick my head out, then my torso, and eventually curl my legs out into the recent air. 4 tales doesn’t appear too far. What if I might have jumped?

I rub my natural legs, feeling the prickle of hair that I hadn’t shaved in a pair days, the scars on my knees from once I was 9 and fell enjoying tag within the yard, the goosebumps that perk up when a chilly wind blows my approach from over the Hudson. I squeeze my shins, feeling the discharge of lactic acid makes them ache. Sweat comes off in my palm. I look down once more.

I do know why there are unregistered clinics everywhere in the metropolis. I do know why individuals who have the means pay double or triple the uninsured costs on cybernetics. I even know why MDs, who devoted their lives to creating others properly, making others higher, would danger their licenses to serve individuals who couldn’t afford the implants they needed.

I do know.

The hearth escape shakes as I stand, although it’d simply be a reverberation from the trembling of my knees. My natural coronary heart races as my cybernetic fists open and shut. I shut my eyes, imagining myself on a ship, salty air whipping by way of my hair as I put together to enter the ocean. I maintain my breath as I bounce, ft first.


There’s a Japanese equal to the ship of Theseus. Shinto shrines, in a ceremony of renewal, are rebuilt each twenty years with completely new wooden. There are festivals to rejoice the reconstruction, the gods as their witness. The constructing continues to be sacred.

However is it the identical?


On the hospital, they match me with state-of-the-art legs, extra good in each method. Indestructible, two inches longer, blemish free, hair free, and milky white.

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