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Queer and Roving on the Campaign Trail: Getting Out the Vote

by Lester Fabian Brathwaite

2h in the past

“You don’t want to hear about the masturbating man, do you?”

Whereas the reply to that query, relying on who you’re, could also be sure, Sandy Milano is referring to one in every of the extra memorable encounters she’s had whereas canvassing with Julian Cyr. Milano is the president of the Cape and Islands Democratic Council, a volunteer-based political motion committee devoted to serving to Democrats get elected at each degree of presidency. She’s been part of Cyr’s internal circle since his first marketing campaign in 2016 and immediately she is driving Cyr round homes in the mid-Cape city of Yarmouth to encourage voter turnout.

“Julian and I were knocking doors one day,” Milano continues, “and the guy—when we got to his door he didn’t answer right away—and when he came out he was literally pulling his pants up. He was definitely…doing his thing before we got there.”

That doesn’t sound too dangerous—a minimum of he had the courtesy to complete earlier than opening the door or this might’ve simply became a Weinstein state of affairs—however Milano has an much more disturbing canvassing horror story.

Lester Fabian Brathwaite

Knocking on doorways, getting out that vote

“There was a woman who was an identified Julian Cyr supporter. I knock on her door for GOTV,” Milano begins, referring to their Get Out the Vote initiative, “and she’s clearly going to vote for Donald Trump. Which is just frightening to me. I think she didn’t know that Julian was gay, but she really liked him and she liked everything that he stood for.”

Simply then a rafter of untamed turkeys (sure, that’s what you name a gaggle of them) surrounds Milano in her automotive and begins following Cyr as he knocks from door to door. Milano takes it as an excellent omen since the similar factor occurred the first day she and Cyr ever canvassed collectively.

Turkeys for Cyr ’18

However again to the Trump-loving Cyr supporter:

“She must have gone on for about 15 minutes with me about how transgender issues were just crazy and wrong. How can those people even be real people? It was so unbelievably offensive. I couldn’t figure out why she would be voting for a very openly gay guy who was doing everything he could in that realm. And also going to vote for Donald Trump. I will never understand that voter.”

These sorts of tales are par for the course when canvassing, however as awkward as issues might get, knocking doorways and asking for individuals’s votes is one among the handiest methods to show individuals out at the polls. And, in line with Milano, visiting individuals of their houses helps you see “the challenges in the community that aren’t being discussed in the media,” citing an older lady who was so extremely alone and remoted that she invited Milano and Cyr into her residence and stored them there for a superb 45 minutes.

“I’ll never forget that woman,” Milano says. “We went back to see her for GOTV and she remembered us and invited us back in again—we respectfully declined.”

A New York native, Milano has lived on the Cape for the previous 35 years. She began out in the restaurant business however for about the final 15 years she has been a distressed property advocate, serving to people who find themselves dropping their houses to foreclosures. Milano received concerned in politics in 2014 after assembly then-Lawyer Common Martha Coakley, whom she realized had labored to profit not solely the shoppers she advocated for but in addition Milano, herself, contemplating Coakley’s efforts to overturn DOMA. Milano ended up principally operating the Cape Cod leg of Coakley’s failed marketing campaign for governor. It was a grueling expertise, after which Milano promised to by no means work on one other marketing campaign once more.

However very similar to Leslie Sandberg, one other badass queer lady who had sworn off politics, she discovered herself, impressed by his youth and power, working to get Julian Cyr elected to the Massachusetts state senate.

Lester Fabian Brathwaite

Canvassing in Yarmouth

“I’ll never forget just shooting him a text, like, ‘Hey, if you ever need a hand let me know.’ And here we are two years later. It’s crazy,” Milano says. “I never expected to be doing what I’m doing. But I love the work. It’s so important.”

Canvassing, telephone banking, and junk mail are the three main methods the Cyr marketing campaign reaches out to its voter base, which tends to skew older. So the affect of Fb, which has been extensively criticized for its laissez-faire angle in the direction of policing deceptive info, is minimal.

“Digital is definitely a new frontier in a way to reach voters,” says Madeline McGill, undertaking supervisor at the Boston progressive consulting agency Area First, which works with the Cyr marketing campaign, “but there’s still no way to verify if the people you’re reaching are actually voters or if they’re registered or not, or if they have any intention of voting. So in terms of reaching people where they’re at, we’ll definitely try to hit them by texting, by digital—but after doors and phones, mail is regarded as a more effective way to reach voters.”

Knocking on doorways or making telephone calls could be intimidating, whether or not you’ve by no means achieved it earlier than or if, like Sandy Milano, you’ve achieved it hundreds of occasions. Milano’s recommendation is to “know why you’re doing it.”

“Most people volunteer to do this kind of work because something has moved them. Someone has really helped them out or their government has really let them down and they’re looking for change,” Milano says. “Speaking to voters is basically about figuring out in the event that they’ve decided and in the event that they haven’t, persuading them to vote in your candidate. I feel the greatest means you’ll be able to probably do that’s A. be sure they know you’re a volunteer and B. inform them why precisely you’re giving up your Saturday or Sunday afternoon to stroll round their neighborhood and speak to them. And tie it to a private factor.

“When we talk too much about party politics or Donald Trump, everybody shuts down because we’re just all sick of it. I shut down when people talk to me about that stuff. And it’s hard, man. The first door I knock on in every turf is always really hard. It’s kind of scary to talk to someone that you don’t know. You have no idea what they’re going to say or what their positions are. And you’re talking to them about politics, which is the most divisive thing in the country right now. But the truth is, people really appreciate that you’re participating in democracy, even if they don’t agree with you, and they appreciate the work that the [candidate] is doing. You really get a much clearer perspective as to what matters to voters and I don’t think the media has it right most of the time.”

In two hours, Cyr hits about 45 doorways—all a part of a day’s work that additionally features a cease at the West Barnstable chapter of PFLAG, a nationwide group uniting households, pals, and allies with the LGBTQ group. Cyr is the keynote speaker at the PFLAG Cape Cod Annual Assembly & Social. Amongst the subjects he discusses is a statewide homosexual conversion remedy ban invoice that did not cross in the legislature based mostly on technicality. Although Massachusetts is understood for its robust liberal leanings, Cyr acknowledges there are a selection of progressive provisions the state has but to, or has been late to, cross. A ban on conversion remedy is amongst them.

Lester Fabian Brathwaite

Talking with a PFLAG supporter

“The senate has passed this [ban] several times in several sessions,” Cyr says, including that the speaker of the home was reticent to convey a problem, like conversion remedy, that members of the Democratic caucus “would have a hard time voting on.” Cyr additionally cites a notion that sure “interest groups” or communities solely get one “chit” per legislative session, which is each two years. “Once we passed public accommodations for transgender people [in 2016], the legislature had ‘done something for the LGBTQ community’ that year and that was it.”

It must be famous that there’s a poll measure this yr to repeal that regulation defending trans individuals in public areas.

Cyr says he’s actively making an attempt to vary that notion by contemplating the wants of LGBTQ individuals in different points corresponding to felony justice reform or youth sexual schooling. To wit, he’s making an attempt to cross a invoice that may deal with entry to PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) for minors equally to entry to contraception, in order that there’s a protocol and course of for minors who in any other case don’t have entry to it.

Lester Fabian Brathwaite

PFLAG literature

Each the home and the senate truly managed to move the conversion remedy ban this session, however it ended up being a casualty of paperwork. The legislative session ends on July 31 of an election yr and each chambers of the Massachusetts legislature handed the invoice by 11:30 pm, earlier than the midnight deadline, however the invoice’s precise bodily papers didn’t get to the engrossing division—the final step earlier than a invoice is shipped to the governor to be signed—in time.

“It was a real disappointment,” Cyr says. “We don’t think there’s a lot of conversion therapy happening in Massachusetts currently, but we want to make sure those protections are in place, especially for children who are sent out of state.” Cyr notes he isn’t conscious of any camps in Massachusetts however that they exist in close by New Hampshire and different states. “[A ban on conversion therapy] is one of these overdue policies that we should have here in Massachusetts,” Cyr says, including he hopes to get the ban handed earlier than the Thanksgiving break in 2019.

One other invoice, “Gender X,” additionally stands a reasonably good probability of getting handed subsequent yr. The invoice, which might permit individuals to pick a 3rd gender choice on their driver’s licenses and different state paperwork, has grow to be a precedence of the senate president, Karen Spilka. Spilka, a Democrat representing the Second Middlesex and Norfolk districts, was impressed to take up the Gender X invoice after receiving a letter from a younger nonbinary constituent named Ella, who described how irritating it was merely making use of for a license.

Lester Fabian Brathwaite

Assembly with the West Barnstable PFLAG chapter

“I don’t want the validity of my license being questioned because of how I appear,” Ella stated at a press convention in June, with Spilka by their aspect. “I want it to correspond to how I live my life.”

Up subsequent: The fifth and ultimate half—Sending Out an S.O.S.

Lester Fabian Brathwaite is a Brooklyn-based author, editor, bon vivant and all-around sassbag. He is previously Senior Editor of Out Journal and is presently hungry.

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