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Warriors Orochi 4 Screenshot

by Andrew Skelton (Outfoxed)

I may need made it clear earlier than, however I’ve been a very long time fan of Omega Drive’s Warriors collection.  I began approach again with Dynasty Warriors 2, no much less. By way of the years, numerous different collection from the corporate have sprouted up, most notably the Samurai Warriors collection.  Why would I point out that particularly? As a result of Warriors Orochi 4 has simply launched, and it’s an enormous mashup of the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors franchises. Whereas the fourth in numerical order right here within the west, the sport is definitely thought-about the third in Japan, regardless of a number of further iterations and spinoffs being obtainable.  Fan reception of the earlier Warriors recreation (Dynasty Warriors 9) was lukewarm at greatest, so how does Warriors Orochi 4 fare?

Warfare Was Starting

On the outset of the sport, you’re handled to a cutscene of the Olympian gods watching the Warriors occasions from Warriors Orochi three.  Zeus decides to create a world so he can show his power as a result of he’s Zeus and he does what (and who, however …) he needs. You begin out controlling three Samurai Warriors characters:  Tadakatsu Honda, Naomasa Ii, and Naotora Ii. Apologies prematurely to everybody, as I might be offering the SW character names as they seem in recreation, somewhat than their conventional type of household identify first, adopted by given identify (Honda Tadakatsu, et al).

Warriors Orochi 4 Screenshot

Right here you’re launched to a few of the fundamentals of the sport.  The tutorial offers instruction for anybody who’s by no means performed a Warriors recreation earlier than, and provides recommendation on find out how to transfer, assault, and use particular talents like Musou assaults (a big damaging assault that consumes a characters Musou gauge).  New to the collection are the addition of Sacred Treasures. The system is just like the Dynasty Warriors 9 Stream Assault fashion the place you maintain R1 (on the PS4) and use Sq., Triangle, or Circle to carry out totally different assaults. The staff utilized that system as a mannequin to assist make the sport extra partaking than simply utilizing normal or charged assaults more often than not.  Sacred treasures are additionally set per character, so sadly there’s no switching them round as you’d like.

Warriors Orochi 4 Screenshot

Some Are Good for Preventing …

Let’s get this out of the best way proper now: there are 170 playable characters in Warriors Orochi 4.  Sure, that’s lots of characters. Sure, a few of them have little to no story, which may (sadly) be anticipated in a recreation like this.  Character movesets fall beneath two classes: Dynasty Warriors type or Samurai Warriors fashion. I do know, cover your shock. Dynasty Warriors type include a six string primary assault, and cost assaults that can be utilized anyplace inside the string.  For instance, three sq. and a triangle will unleash what’s generally referred to as a C4 assault. All DW type characters even have 2 EX strikes, that are further assaults after a selected cost assault, which are typically extra highly effective or have further results tied to it.  Samurai Warriors, however, have movesets that differ whether or not or not a primary assault was used first, or a charged assault. A charged assault first launches the character into what’s referred to as a hyper assault, that are tremendous helpful for clearing out regular enemies, however are usually blocked and ineffective towards officers.  SW officers even have longer regular assault strings, and ranging levels of cost assaults — some have single cost assaults all alongside their primary assaults, some have three cost chains, and a few have two, decided by their character varieties.

Warriors Orochi 4 Screenshot

All 170 officers fall underneath considered one of three varieties:  energy, method, and velocity. Gone is the Marvel sort from the third installment; because it was defined to me, it was as a result of it wasn’t common and the staff needed to maintain issues extra streamlined this time round.  When it comes to Dynasty Warriors characters, these varieties determines their stat growths upon leveling up. Samurai Warriors characters progress in an analogous vein, however their sort additionally determines what forms of assaults they will do as talked about above (energy get the longer cost assaults, method get cost assaults additional within the chain, velocity get extra hyper assaults).  I understand this all sounds difficult in written type, however there are useful icons in recreation that may inform you at a look what style the character is from, and what sort they’re.

Warriors Orochi 4 Screenshot

… Others Are Good for Dying

I hope you’re prepared for the wholesale pummeling of hoards of peons, as a result of that’s what lots of the gameplay will revolve round.  Fortunately, beating up hoards of peons is supremely satisfying. On every battlefield map, there are numerous clusters of enemies, often lead by a generic officer.  More often than not these officers are positioned in your option to intrude with goals. Each stage has a narrative related to it (most tales are ‘defend this place’ or ‘defeat these bad guys’, so don’t anticipate Shakespeare), and your forces have goals to beat the enemy.  Most of those aims contain defeating sure officers, however there are occasional duties the place it’s a must to attain a sure level on the map with sure teammates, or to carry out towards enemies for a selected period of time.

Warriors Orochi 4 Screenshot

One of many appeals of this style, although, is its simplicity.  Positive, it’s repetitive, however satisfying. Physique counts virtually all the time exceed one thousand, to provide you an concept.  Not solely that, however the mainstay of the Orochi collection is with the ability to take a workforce of three characters on the battlefield which you’ll be able to swap to at any time, giving an entire new alternative to execute distinctive combos at enemies.  The truth is, the brand new Unity Magic system enables you to set 4 further help members who you’ll be able to group up with to unleash an enormous assault when your unity meter is full. This assault offers an enormous quantity of expertise and gems for everybody defeated by it, too, so it really works greatest towards giant crowds.

Warriors Orochi 4 Screenshot

The Aftermath

Clearing levels earns you many issues.  First, you’ll earn a measure of expertise on your three characters.  Leveling up characters will increase their power, protection, and life totals, and grants talent factors.  Talent factors, in flip, may be spent to improve what number of assaults a personality can do, the quantity of injury they cope with magic assaults, or on elevating stats like power, protection, and life (amongst different issues).  You’ll additionally earn weapons for every of the three characters you introduced into the battle. There are 5 complete tiers of weapons, every with a various base energy above the earlier tier. You achieve proficiency with a selected weapon the extra you employ it, so it’s sensible to hunt for weapons which have a excessive base worth.

Warriors Orochi 4 Screenshot

Moreover, you’ll earn gems as you full levels.  Each stage has bonus aims that may be met that always present much more gems.  Gems have a number of makes use of. First, they can be utilized to improve weapon parts (extra on this function quickly).  They’re utilized in coaching missions, which lets you choose three officers to realize expertise and weapons with out actively collaborating in battles.  Lastly, gems are used to improve your base camp. The upgrades you possibly can purchase vary from easy expertise and gem boosters, to boosting the attributes of particular kinds of characters, and even unlocking further characters to play.

Warriors Orochi 4 Screenshot

Thunderbolt and Lightning!

In case you ask me, character ranges don’t matter fairly as a lot within the Orochi collection.  Positive, they’re essential, and the rise in your stats does play a key position in making you stronger, however there’s a a lot better approach to improve a personality’s slaying energy: weapon parts.  The fitting aspect setup can completely flip an excellent character right into a powerhouse. Parts spawn on weapons, and Warriors Orochi 4 lets you break down weapons you don’t have to reclaim the weather discovered on stated weapons.  There are an excellent quantity of parts to select from starting from elemental injury to growing injury on regular or cost assaults, to boosting a personality’s assault velocity. Each weapon within the recreation can have as much as eight aspect slots, so whereas it will probably typically be difficult to determine what parts you need on a personality, you’ll by no means need for decisions.

Warriors Orochi 4 Screenshot

Elemental injury can also be a singular case:  it solely prompts on cost assaults. Hearth will inflict injury over time on affected troops, ice has an opportunity to freeze, bolt will hit surrounding troopers with electrical energy, wind pierces blocking and does further injury, and slay has an opportunity to outright kill peons and severely injury officers.  Whereas nothing is stopping you from placing collectively a weapon with all of those parts, it’s in all probability greatest to concentrate on one or two and use the rest of the slots to additional buff up every character. Elemental activation can also be one of the problematic stability points for Warriors Orochi 4, as all Samurai Warriors characters obtain full elemental activation on their hyper assaults — one thing Dynasty Warriors characters don’t even have entry to.  This makes the previous have a a lot larger magnitude of energy since they’ve a number of choices at their disposal.

Warriors Orochi 4 Screenshot

Remaining Verdict: Very Good (three.5/5)

Warriors Orochi 4 was a type of video games I couldn’t cease enjoying.  Its large forged of characters offered a, “just one more stage; see who I get next!” mentality, and the best way the weapon system features stored me attempting to find increasingly parts to spice up my characters.  There’s a average social facet between the characters whereby utilizing them raises their bonds with each other, and characters have some distinctive and sometimes occasions humorous interactions in activated scenes within the camp.  The Sacred Treasures system offered a enjoyable new mechanic, even when a few of the treasures appeared very poor (I’m taking a look at you, Talaria). In fact, there are a number of issues with the sport. It does develop into very repetitive, as could be anticipated.  Stability is virtually non-existent — although stability has by no means actually been part of the Orochi collection, let’s be truthful. For some, seeing sure characters get extra display time when their favorites may get a passing point out at greatest could be fairly irritating.

Should you’re a fan of hack-and-slash motion video games, although, Warriors Orochi 4 does present a ton of content material to mow by way of.  There are a great deal of levels (even when a few of them begin wanting the identical after some time), and particular occasions to unlock, and 4 problem modes to overcome.  It’s a recreation I intend to maintain enjoying, personally, and I consider it’s value a search for any fan of the Warriors collection.


Word:  a replica of the sport was offered for evaluation functions.


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