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Weapon found on The Curse of Oak Island could be Roman pilum

Marty Lagina and Roman pilum
Marty Lagina and Roman pilumMarty Lagina on the newest episode of The Curse of Oak Island and, proper, the thing believed to be a Roman pilum. Pic credit score: Historical past

An iron rod found on The Curse of Oak Island could be a Roman pilum, a sort of javelin used as a weapon by troopers in historic occasions, it emerged final night time.

The revelation got here on the newest episode of the Historical past present, after the item underwent each chemical composition testing and evaluation by an antiquities professional.

The information was an enormous increase for the group, however the episode was additionally tinged with unhappiness after it was revealed that researcher Zena Halpern — who has appeared on the present a number of occasions earlier than — had handed away.

This text accommodates a full recap of The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode four, A Legacy Revealed, together with the revelation concerning the pilum. Learn under to seek out out extra!

The motion within the newest episode kicks off within the Warfare Room the place Rick Lagina, Gary Drayton, Craig Tester, Charles Barkhouse, Laird Niven, Dave Blankenship, and Jack Begley have thrilling information to relay to Marty Lagina, who’s there by way of convention name.

In entrance of Marty are footage of a exceptional object, proof of prior metal-detecting accomplished by Gary and Mike West.

Gary tells the group that what they found blew each males away: a metallic rod concerning the measurement of a knitting needle. Holding the metallic object in his hand, Laird exclaims, “Wow, I mean is this what I think it is? It’s a crossbow bolt, an arrow capable of piercing chain mail.”

The object was found on Lot 26, ten inches under rocky soil, and Gary explains that it might be, “Templar old.”

Could this probably medieval merchandise be by some means related to the mysterious lead cross found final yr on the island?

Marty is struck by how out of place the merchandise seems to be, and Rick concurs, observing that the slender rod is, “unlike anything we’ve ever found before.”

Then Marty drops a bombshell: “If that bolt is really, really, old, it’s probably more significant than the cross. Because the cross is an artifact…possibly dropped many years after it was formed.” In distinction, he factors out that one doesn’t sometimes carry crossbow bolts round after which simply drop them.

Tip of roman pilumThe tip of the thing, initially thought to be a crossbow bolt. Pic credit score: Historical past

Rick concludes that further testing is required. However much more importantly, he declares that Gary wants a brand new shirt with a much bigger prime pocket for all of the finds he’s uncovering!

The subsequent day, Rick, Craig, and Charles are on the Cash Pit the place drilling efforts are underneath approach with the aim of pinpointing the situation of the unique treasure website.

Final week, at depths of 93 ft and 96 ft, the enormous drill bit introduced up bits of horizontal wooden, probably the highest of a tunnel. At this time limit there isn’t a approach to know what interval the wooden is from, or whether or not or not it’s from a searcher tunnel or an unique underground construction.

What is understood is that the world represents an anomaly detected by the seismic knowledge. Could this probably vital discover be wooden from the notorious Chappel Vault?

Prior seismic scanning of the world revealed what could be an underground community of tunnels which makes the staff hopeful that proof of  flood tunnels, believed to be constructed to stop searchers from discovering treasure, will be found.

At this time the staff from Selection Drilling inform Craig that they’ve reached a depth of 164 ft the place the earth is actually tender. “Drill deeper,” Craig replies.

Hopes are additionally excessive that the drilling workforce will uncover knowledge concerning the intriguing anomaly that seismic scanning found to be a roughly 30 foot-wide void at a depth of about 170 ft.

All eyes are on the big drill bit as the lads speculate what it’s going to deliver up subsequent. Craig says he’ll be proud of silver or wooden. In fact, others comparable to father and son treasure-hunting staff Dan and Dave Blankenship would like nothing lower than one thing shiny, as in gold.

Then, at a depth of 200 ft down, the drill bit encounters bedrock. All agree that this can be a disappointing improvement. Have they missed the underground anomaly solely?

Rick particularly is disillusioned that they didn’t hit the middle of the anomaly, observing that as ordinary issues have to be discovered on Oak Island. All that may be executed now’s to maneuver on to the subsequent goal. The staff should select a unique website in hopes of finding the Chappel Vault.

The subsequent day Marty, Craig, and Alex journey northeast to Halifax, again to St. Mary’s College the place Dr. Christa Brosseau, an professional within the research of metals and their chemical compositions, awaits. She is given the obvious crossbow bolt with hopes that she will date the metallic spear.

She information a couple of tiny shavings from the bow after which makes use of a high-scanning electron microscope to find out the metallic’s composition: iron and manganese. What does this imply?

Dr. Brosseau tells the staff that manganese was used within the manufacturing of metal and iron starting within the ninth century B.C. Could this point out that the thing is historic, a lot older than initially believed?

Again on Oak Island, Craig heads to Smith’s Cove the place development of the huge 525-foot lengthy metal cofferdam is beneath method. The staff is on schedule, however not forward of schedule as Craig hoped.

In a single week they’ve set in place 9 of the almost 120 gigantic metal sheet pilings that, when pounded down roughly two dozen ft, will type a watertight barrier permitting the location to be absolutely drained. As soon as this happens, will the field drain flood system be uncovered together with historic artifacts?

Amidst the excessive hopes, there’s unhappy information to report. Rick has assembled the workforce within the Struggle Room for an necessary assembly. With a somber look on his face he informs the lads that it’s with so much of unhappiness that he should announce Zena Halpern has handed away at age 88.

Zena HalpernZena Halpern, who handed away earlier this yr. Pic credit score: Historical past

Halpern was a researcher who spent over 50 years investigating potential Knights Templar journeys to North America. She believed that such journeys predated Christopher Columbus’ historic 1492 voyage.

Zena and Rick met two years in the past and among the many fascinating paperwork she shared with him was a 14th century Templar Map of Oak Island. They shaped a bond that Marty describes as “kindred spirits”. Visibly moved, an emotional Rick provides his pal a young tribute and later reads out loud a touching letter written about Zena by one other one of her associates.

Three days after breaking the information of Zena’s passing, Rick and his nephew Peter Fornetti drive to Lengthy Island, New York, to take possession of Zena’s immense cache of historic paperwork and books. She has bequeathed to Rick the contents of her lifetime of analysis.

Rick tells Peter that coming face-to-face with this unbelievable present will be emotional and hard. Later, they meet with Zena’s son and grandson who level them to an awesome quantity of bins bulging with paperwork.

There are additionally cabinets jam-packed with books, and a closet full of much more information and packing containers. Amongst this treasure trove of knowledge, is there proof of a Templar Voyage to Oak Island simply ready to be found?

Peter FornettiPeter Fornetti seems to be by means of some of Zena Halpern’s packing containers of papers. Pic credit score: Historical past

Rick seizes one guide particularly, and pulls out a sheet of paper hidden inside. “Bingo!” he says, displaying the others a map whose which means he says must be “puzzled out.”

Subsequent he finds the Cremona Doc, which was on the core of Zena’s analysis. It was this doc that led her to make a Templar Connection to Oak Island. It’s clear that there’s a huge assortment of treasured and historic gadgets that the group might want to rigorously and thoughtfully sift by means of within the days and months to return.

The subsequent day Rick and the group assemble on the Cash Pit website, the place drilling has begun on the second location they hope to seek out the mysterious 170-foot deep void. As a result of of its shut proximity to H8, this website is dubbed H7.5.

At a depth of 159 ft, the drill workforce has extracted core samples at intervals of ten ft. The earthen samples are painstakingly examined by hand for indicators of hidden treasure. Up to now, nothing of observe has been seen.

However wait, there’s extra! In mere minutes, the big drill bit reaches right down to a depth of 160 ft, hauling again up a load of principally limestone, silt, and…coconut fiber? Could it be?

Craig plunges his hand into the muddy mess and pulls out what resembles a three-inch strand of wiry string, saying it seems like coconut fiber. In that case, it’s a tremendous discovery!

Historic data doc that coconut fiber was found in an excavation on the Cash Pit space in 1804.

However how did it get there and why? Coconut timber are found some 1,500 miles from Novia Scotia. It has been theorized that coconut fiber could have been used to make a rope to decrease valuables right into a shaft on Oak Island.

Does this discover imply that the staff has simply found the unique Cash Pit? Rick requires additional testing. However that isn’t the one intriguing discover made that day.

At a depth of 171 ft, the drill bit coughs up what the group describes as ax-cut wooden. This is identical depth because the anomaly seen within the seismic knowledge. Is that this wooden proof that they’ve simply dug into the Chappel Vault? The soaking-wet wooden is bagged so it may well be examined.

Later that day the group collect within the Warfare Room to listen to a report by Gabriel Vandervort, an antiquities professional in California. He has examined the obvious crossbow bolt and has beautiful information to share.

The professional stated his first intuition was that the metallic bolt was from the medieval interval in Europe, inflicting smiles to interrupt out across the desk.

Nevertheless, his analysis couldn’t nail down the item to the medieval interval, so he went again in time, saying that the thing seems to be Roman. The workforce is surprised silent by the surprising information till an ebullient Jack Begley exclaims, “No way!”

The skilled explains that the bow’s lengthy neck is critical, inflicting him to theorize about its probably Roman origins — explaining that this sort of weapon was used from the first century B.C. as much as the fifth century A.D. The discover could be a Roman javelin referred to as a pilum, and is said a uncommon discovery by the skilled.

Gary Drayton doesn’t do his gold dance, however he does yell out two phrases, “Roman, baby!”

Gary DraytonGary Drayton after discovering out his discovery could have Roman origins. Pic credit score: Historical past

Rick is a little more speculative, saying he’s unsure what to make of it as a result of it’s up to now outdoors the field, however concedes the information is spectacular.

“We’re sitting here with mouths open,” he says to an off-camera producer, whereas beside him brother Marty says he must, “take a deep breath and think about this.”

Vandervort says could assume of no good cause of the way it could have ended up on Oak Island, “unless it was brought over as part of some sort of cache of weapons or antiquities, even at a much later time.”

Requested by Marty what that makes him really feel about Oak Island, he replies, “very intrigued.”

It’s been an unimaginable few days for the group, with scintillating highs and unhappy lows. As traditional, persistence and endurance are wanted to proceed the journey on Oak Island. However as current occasions have proven, life is brief and the time to unravel the Oak Island thriller is now.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c