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Why Does A Baby Cry After Feeding And how To Deal With It?

Why Does A Baby Cry After Feeding And how To Deal With It
Why Does A Baby Cry After Feeding And how To Deal With It

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Starvation is among the main causes that a child cries. However what if the infant cries even after being fed?

Infants crying after feeding is one factor that confuses most mother and father. Is it the milk or method that’s inflicting the discomfort? Is the child not satiated or is there not sufficient breast milk?

These questions can boggle most new mothers. When you’ve got such questions in your thoughts too, then learn this MomJunction article for solutions and details about why a child might cry after a feed and how you’ll be able to forestall it from occurring.

Why Does A Baby Cry After Feeding?

There isn’t a single purpose why a child might cry proper after a feed. The next are the almost definitely causes:


  1. Acid reflux disease: Acid reflux disease is a standard prevalence throughout infancy, and the situation can occur in a single amongst 5 infants (1). Reflux happens when the decrease esophageal sphincter (LES) doesn’t shut correctly, thus permitting a number of abdomen contents and acid to maneuver all the best way as much as the mouth.

If the reflux is persistent, then it might point out gastroesophageal reflux illness or GERD. One of many signs of GERD is crying throughout and after feed because of the irritation brought on by the regurgitated abdomen acid (2).

  1. Fuel: Extreme fuel within the abdomen may cause stomach discomfort resulting in crying after every feed.
  1. Colic: The situation is outlined as ‘three hours of crying for at least three days a week’ (three). Colic could be as a consequence of any of the a number of underlying causes together with fuel. Colicky infants might begin crying abruptly after a feed.
  1. Teething: Teething infants might continually have sore gums, which may harm throughout a feed (four). It might make them irritable and in addition make them cry throughout and after feeding.
  1. Allergic reactions and intolerance: A child might be allergic to exploit or have lactose intolerance. Allergic reactions may cause signs like the event of rashes, vomiting, and upset tummy. It could actually trigger stomach cramps and in addition make the child really feel gassy and irritable (5).

Infants may additionally be allergic to breast milk in case the of galactosemia, which is an incapability to digest a type of milk sugar referred to as galactose that can also be present in breast milk (6).

Figuring out how to deal with the state of affairs may be useful if the child tends to cry too typically after each feed.

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What To Do When The Baby Cries After A Feed?

In case your child begins to cry after a feed, then you’ll be able to attempt the next cures:

  1. Let the child burp between and after feeds. Maintain the toddler in your arms with their head resting in your shoulder. Gently faucet between their shoulder blades, which is true on the middle of the higher again, till you hear a burp. Place a towel in your shoulder since infants usually regurgitate a small amount of abdomen contents together with a burp.
  1. Give a break in feeding, particularly within the case of infants which have acid reflux disease. Cease the feed for a couple of minutes earlier than resuming. It may give the infant’s abdomen contents a while to settle and stop the child from regurgitating the acid.
  1. Change formulation when you suspect it’s the offender. Observe the child after every feed to know whether it is suiting them. All the time attempt multiple components in your child and get the one which works one of the best.
  1. In case your child is teething, then give them a teething toy earlier than feeds to ease the gum irritation. Use solely toys which are solely meant for teething and never only a random object for the child gnaw at.
  1. Mild tummy therapeutic massage could be useful for those who suspect the child to be gassy. Use the index and center finger to make mild round motions across the stomach button. It is going to permit for the graceful passage of the fuel via the gastrointestinal tract (7).
  1. Tummy time and primary workouts are a superb means to enhance the muscular dexterity of the toddler whereas additionally offering sufficient tummy strain to permit any fuel to cross via. You may also carry out primary workouts like make the infant lie on their again and transfer their legs in a biking movement.

One other exercise is to bend their legs such that their knee touches their stomach. These workouts have been confirmed to alleviate the child of fuel, which may be one of many elements making them fussy and cry after a feed.

These cures ought to assist you to forestall the infant from crying after a feed. Nevertheless, it’s best to see a physician in some conditions.

When to see a physician:

Get the infant checked by a pediatrician if the infant cries after feeding and shows the next signs too:

  • Fever
  • Diarrhea and vomiting
  • Stomach bloating
  • Poor peak and weight achieve
  • Swelling of face and throat muscular tissues
  • Blood in stools
  • Excessive lethargy and drowsiness

These could possibly be the indicators of some underlying well being drawback. Your child’s physician can diagnose these by assessing the signs and in addition via diagnostic testing of blood and stool.

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Is There A Remedy For A Baby’s Crying After A Feed?

Sure. The remedy depends upon what’s inflicting the child to cry after having a feed. The next are the three widespread technique of curing the issue:

  1. Change in food regimen: Circumstances like allergy and intolerance final endlessly. Your physician will inform you methods to handle the situation via using various meals like soy method and hydrolyzed milk components (eight). The infant has to keep away from milk and different dairy merchandise too as soon as they’re previous. Switching to a different model of components can also be a way.
  1. Change in feeding type: The child might cry after a feed as a result of extreme ingestion of fuel brought on by a poor latch to the breast or bottle nipple. A physician or lactation professional will help you identify it and recommend one of the simplest ways to feed your child.
  1. Treatment: Some circumstances like gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) might require the toddler to have drugs. Medicines and the course of remedy will completely depend upon the severity of the issue.

Infants seldom want any remedy once they cry after a feed. Some house prevention strategies are in all probability all that you simply want.

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How To Forestall Infants From Crying After Feeding?

If the reason for the infant’s crying is an underlying well being drawback, then remedy will goal at treating that and stopping it sooner or later. However usually, the next steps will assist you to forestall the child from crying after feeding.

  1. Select to breastfeed: Breastfeeding your child as an alternative of giving them the formulation might be the most effective choice in your child’s well being. Medical specialists state that breastfeeding might help forestall colic and different stomach issues that trigger discomfort and make the child cry even after feeding (9).
  1. Use sluggish stream bottle nipple: Sluggish move nipples do exactly that – decelerate the stream of milk into the infant’s mouth. Pediatric specialists additionally advocate sluggish circulate nipples over different ones as that may forestall circumstances like gassiness and acid reflux disease, which may make a child cry after a feed (10).
  1. Change bottle feeding strategies: Use the paced bottle feeding technique whereby you maintain the infant vertically and place the bottle horizontally of their mouth. You tilt the bottle gently, letting the child suck the milk. A jiffy later you tip the bottle downwards, inflicting the milk to move away from the nipple.

You resume feeding solely when the infant makes the sucking noises. This places your child in command of how a lot milk they drink and prevents overfeeding (11). Overfeeding may cause gassiness, stomach discomfort, and even reflux in infants who have already got gastroesophageal reflux illness. These circumstances, in flip, may cause a child to cry after a feed.

  1. Common burping and workouts: Make burping and exercising your child part of the feeding regime to maintain the crying away.

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The secret’s to seek out out what’s making the child cry after feeding and stop it or handle it to appease the infant. A few modifications in your feeding fashion and methods ultimately can go a great distance in stopping your child from bursting into tears after each feed.

Did your child cry after feeding too? How did you cope with it? Share with us your ideas within the remark part under.



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